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07 Mar 2016 Rama Mishra

Mulching is a process of placing a layer of material to the surface of an area of soil. The layer of materials used is known as mulch.

Mulch is valuable for your plants health and care because

  • Mulch insulates the soil providing a protective layer to it from heat and cold temperatures.
  • Mulch retains water helping roots of the plants to maintain moisture.
  • Mulch checks and suppresses weeds and thus preventing root competition.
  • Mulch prevents hardening of soil.
  • Mulches can also be used for decorating the tops of pots.

When to mulch?

The best time to mulch beds or borders in your garden is in late-winter or early spring seasons. This will trap in moisture from wet weather and ensure that the beds don’t dry out quickly in the heat of summers.

Types of materials which can be used in organic mulch

  • dried grass
  • dried leaves
  • hay
  • straw
  • bark chips
  • sawdust
  • shells
  • wood chips
  • shredded old newspapers
  • cardboard
  • wool
  • animal manure
  • pebbles

 How to add Mulch?

  1. Add mulch to the base of your plant by removing any grass within a 3 to 10-foot area depending on the size of your plant.
  2. Put natural mulch such as wood chips, bark pieces or hay about 2 to 4 inches deep within the circle.
  3. Keep the mulch away from touching the trunk of the plant.


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