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Taking care of plants when away from home

Taking care of plants when away from home

24 Jan 2016 Rama Mishra

Here are some top tips on how to take care of plants while you are away from home during holidays and vacations.

We all like to take breaks and visit various locations during our holidays and vacations. During that time it becomes a very stressful situation leaving your plants at home in your garden without any care and you worry of getting it dying or dried out it in your absence. Your beautiful garden is not going to take care of itself on its own. Either you ask somebody maybe your neighbor or a friend to water them everyday or else you keep worrying. Follow the tips and when you come back after your vacation be happy and relaxed to see your plants in perfect health without getting dried up.

Tip 1:

If you going for only 2-3 days then well-watered and fed plants will remain healthy as long as you water them one last time.

Tip 2:

Make sure to move your plants out of direct sunlight. Move them into a cool and shady environment. The garden area should be locked and free from any stray animals.

Tip 3:

Drip irrigation: This method is slightly expensive but it can be used for a lifetime. This is most useful if you plan on going away for a while. Run a pipe with small holes in it through the plants and set a timer with the faucet. Set your timer to the early morning in order to avoid extra water loss due to evaporation. Make sure to adjust the amount of water based on how much your plants need. Over-watering your plants is just as dangerous as lack of water.

Tip 4:

Self-watering pots: Self-watering pots are best suitable if you too busy in your work and forget to water your plants everyday. You have to fill water once every 2-3 weeks and relax. The pot comes in various sizes and consists of a water indicator which shows the level of water. Remember to use a filter media such as paper.

Tip 5:

Nutrition: Make sure to keep mulch or a for your plants as a three-inch layer above the soil so that the plants remain well fed. 

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